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Spoopy Movie Night!

On October 29th we will be having a Spoopy movie night where we show a spoopy movie and all wear costumes. If you want to you can bring snacks, a beverage, and something to lay on. But the most important part is the costumes! Make sure any costumes you wear are Scout appropriate.

See you there,

Owen Peterson, Webmaster

New Group Text!

Hello it is Owen here and i would like to notify everyone of the new group text that I have started to try to improve troop communication. If I have not added you it may be because I don’t have your cell number. If you wish to be added or removed from the text feel free to call or text me at 320-582-0560

Have a good day,

Owen Peterson.

Court of Honor 1/31/16

The Court of Honor is on the 31th of January, next week. It is a lunch, not a supper, so it is at 1:00. Please come at 12:30 to get set up. The Owl Patrol Is bringing side dishes, Beastmode Patrol is bringing deserts, and the Plc, minus Apl’s are bringing main dishes.

Pine Wood Derby- June 21

The Pine Wood Derby is scheduled for June 21 at the Glencoe City Center. You Can Submit old cars, or you can get new ones at places like Ace Hardware or Menards. These cars don’t have to be offical.


Troop 352 Open Class Pinewood Derby Rules and Restrictions

  • Cars must not cause damage to other cars or to the track.
  • Car must not be made of of toxic waste or other hazardous materials. This includes lead.
  • Maximum width and length: 2.75 and 7 inches respectively.
  • Weight restriction: Must not buckle pinewood derby track.
  • Must clear center guide rails – 1¾ inches wide and ⅜ inches high.
  • Wheel base no less than four inches.

The first car submitted is free; If you wish to submit other cars, they shall be two dollars each.

3/8: Music Merit badge

  • Opening Flags
  • Music merit Badge – Mr. and Mrs. Corrick
    • Made wooden “Thumb Pianos”
    • Had Mrs. Corrick help us finish the badge
    • Talk to her if you want to finish
  • Mason’s birthday treat! Happy Birthday!
  • Closing Flags

Schedule Change

This change is not a big one, but every third Sunday from now (Feb. 15) until the end of April we will be having Kevin train us on leadership. The meetings are still at 6:30 and at the same place. We will have three meetings in total for this special training.