Pine Wood Derby- June 21

The Pine Wood Derby is scheduled for June 21 at the Glencoe City Center. You Can Submit old cars, or you can get new ones at places like Ace Hardware or Menards. These cars don’t have to be offical.


Troop 352 Open Class Pinewood Derby Rules and Restrictions

  • Cars must not cause damage to other cars or to the track.
  • Car must not be made of of toxic waste or other hazardous materials. This includes lead.
  • Maximum width and length: 2.75 and 7 inches respectively.
  • Weight restriction: Must not buckle pinewood derby track.
  • Must clear center guide rails – 1¾ inches wide and ⅜ inches high.
  • Wheel base no less than four inches.

The first car submitted is free; If you wish to submit other cars, they shall be two dollars each.