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6/8: Patrol Meetings


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    • Many Point Swim Test (Recommended but optional): Friday, June 20, 7am, meeting at North Field House Entrance
    • Sand Box Fill: Saturday, June 21, 7:30am at Knife River; Bring Gloves, Shovel, and Wheelbarrow if you have one
    • No Flag Retirement Saturday
    • Reminder to get Physicals for Many Point done soon
  4. Patrol Meetings*
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Adam’s Patrol (Formerly Bobcats):
Patrol Name: Schrodinger’s Bobcats
Patrol Patch: Bobcat
Patrol Cheer: Dead/Alive>Bobcats
Patrol Flag: Title with Tomahawks
Patrol Scout Skill: Tomahawk Throwing

Isaac’s Patrol (Formerly Cobras):
Patrol Name: Scorpions of Fire and Poison
Patrol Patch: Scorpion
Patrol Cheer: [none yet]
Patrol Flag: Name with Scorpion and swords
Patrol Scout Skill: Knot-tying

Michael’s Patrol (Formerly Wolves):
Patrol Name: Demonic Blood Dragons
Patrol Patch: Dragon
Patrol Cheer: Demonic/Blood/Dragon
Patrol Flag: Fiery Dragon with Words
Patrol Scout Skill: Orienteering